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  • JMP Blog

    JMP Blog

    The official blog about JMP software from SAS, the JMP Blog features contributors who are members of the JMP family. After tagging the blog with “reliability,” readers can choose from a plethora of articles and information relevant to the reliability field.

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  • Drilling Contractor

    Drilling Contractor is the official magazine of the International Association of Drilling Contractors. As such, it is the land and offshore global drilling and completion industry’s official source of information. The site covers essential topics encompassing safety, efficiency, reliability and maintenance, offering both global and regional perspectives.

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  • Enphase


    One of the world’s leading microinverter systems providers, Enphase Energy works to advance the performance and intelligence of solar energy systems at the commercial and residential levels. To achieve this goal, Enphase pursues unique, high-quality innovations in the industry with a commitment to continuous improvement and reliability.

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    As the Rotor Turns

    As the Rotor Turns blog by the MotorGuy

    MotorTalk is an online community and information exchange that connects people interested in electric motor testing through discussion and collaboration. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced motor tester, MotorTalk is the place to learn!

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  • RCM Blitz

    RCM Blitz

    RCM Blitz Logo GPAllied

    Doug Plucknette writes on a wide range of topics related to reliability centered maintenance. The blog has been going for 15 years.