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  • Process Puzzler

    Process Puzzler

    Process Puzzler is a unique blog, brought to you by Chemical Processing. Process Puzzler is a place for readers to offer suggestions to possible chemical processing scenarios. With various scenarios being updated frequently, readers can test their skills and see what others are suggesting to improve process efficiency, safety and reliability.

    Drilling Contractor

    Drilling Contractor is the official magazine of the International Association of Drilling Contractors. As such, it is the land and offshore global drilling and completion industry’s official source of information. The site covers essential topics encompassing safety, efficiency, reliability and maintenance, offering both global and regional perspectives.

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  • Smart Brief Engineering

    Smart Brief Engineering

    SmartBrief works to bring tailor-made information to professionals by selecting the most pertinent information and editorializing it into a must-read briefing. The engineering blog contains those briefs but also allows you to click on the original content and articles, so you can get the full picture of up-to-date industry information related ...

  • Ludeca


    Ludeca, Inc. is dedicated to machinery alignment, vibration analysis and balancing solutions, and they serve organizations’ maintenance and reliability needs. The blog contains a wealth of articles dating back to April 2010 and covers a variety of industry-related topics.

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  • Think Engineering

    Think Engineering

    Think Engineering focuses on hi-technologies applied to industries involved in all aspects of manufacturing, engineering and research. As part of, Think Engineering shares engineering and technology news, tips and rumors from all over the web.

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  • Asset Optimization, Maintenance and Reliability

    Asset Optimization, Maintenance and Reliability

    Emerson Process Management is a worldwide supplier of process automation services and technologies, which include PlantWeb digital plant architecture. This blog is the official online community site of the Emerson Global Users Exchange, a forum for the free exchange of non-proprietary information among users of Emerson Process Managements’ products and services. ...

  • Tait Communications

    Tait Communications

    Tait Communications seeks to help utilities and safety organizations “keep the lights on and communities safe” by designing, delivering and managing safe and reliable communications solutions. The Tait blog includes intriguing scenarios such as drone drop tests and other activities used to ensure the ruggedness of portable radios and other communications equipment. ...

  • Sound Advice – UE Systems Blog

    Sound Advice – UE Systems Blog

    UE Systems has been a trusted source for ultrasonic plant reliability and energy conservation for nearly four decades. Sound Advice is another resource they offer for the maintenance and reliability community in the quest to decrease costs and increase profits.

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  • Reliability Analytics

    Reliability Analytics

    Seymour Morris occasionally write nice short tutorials around basic reliability analytical tools. Heavily based on military standards and the use of MTBF, yet useful, insightful, and helpful.


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