Professional development include reading. Reading material related to tools, procedures, techniques and case studies. It includes sources of books, journals, blogs, and newsletters.

This site attempts to provide a listing of the professional development reading materials for the reliability and maintenance professional. Let us know if we’re missing anything and feel free to comment. It is one way to help other professionals know which source is worth reading.

copy-double-read-1038x250.jpgA good technical book provides a means to learn a topic, find an answer and solve a problem. Every professional should have a few dog-eared tomes that are the mentors and guides for your engineer.Visit the list of reliability and maintainability engineering books, find you favorites or find a read your next best friend.



Some of us regularly write about experiences, lesson learned, and opinions related to our profession. From first hand account to how to tutorials, these blogs reveal many aspects of being reliability and maintainability engineer.Visit the list of blogs, find a few authors you enjoy reading and learn from them. You may even want to start blogging for the benefit of others someday soon yourself.


old-journal-1038x250Technical journals and trade magazines provide academic treatise and case studies over topics facing our profession. Journals provide a steady high quality peer reviewed source of ideas and innovations. Trade publications provide timely advice, news and practical knowledge for every day use.Visit the list of journals and find a few to include in your monthly professional reading habit. Consider publishing, too.


newsprint-1038x250Newsletters provide news and information generally for a professional society, industry or business.Visit the list of newsletters and join a few subscription lists. Enjoy the regular articles of practical knowledge or thought provoking opinions. Many also contain announcements for upcoming professional development events.


Yva_Lady_reading_newspaper_c1932_wideneNewspapers provide an authors curated collection from their social media activities plus what they find interesting. Visit the list of eNewspapers and join a few as a subscriber. Enjoy collections of news, articles, posts, and announcements that your peers find of interest.



Vintage_Film_CameraYouTube has provided a platform for our colleagues to record presentations, lectures, hints & tips, and how to videos. If you like watching a well thought out presentation or discussion, this might the venue for professional development for you. View the list of video providers and enjoy the wide array of topics useful for reliability professionals.

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