TestOil – Interpreting Additive & Contaminants Results In Oil Analysis Testing

March 1, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am


The ability to interpret the results of oil analysis is vital to guiding significant decisions about preventive maintenance activities. Having someone in your organization who can pick up a report and interpret it in the context of the environment is absolutely essential. This is a skill which can be developed with some investment in training. 

TestOil has developed a series of webinars focused on teaching attendees how to interpret the information provided through oil testing. 

In this webinar we will focus specifically on Additive and Contaminants as identified by the Elemental Spectroscopy test. We will cover the scope, significance, principle, limitations, interferences and precision, and bias of each test.

Afterwards, the discussion will turn to understanding the results themselves, and what are the likely causes behind changes in the data. For each reported value, the most common causes and common misinterpretations will be covered, while also suggesting follow-up actions to properly address alarmed result.