Snell – Level I – Infrared for Building Applications

July 10, 2017 – July 13, 2017 all-day

This 32 hour class is designed for energy auditors, weatherization contractors, home inspectors and facility maintenance personnel who use thermal imaging or are considering adding the technology to their program. The class will meet the needs of a thermographer looking to inspect residential and small commercial facilities for insulation defects, air leakage problems and moisture related issues including roof systems.

Participants will also learn how to apply IR to inspect electrical systems in both residential and small commercial buildings as well as scan mechanical equipment including motors, bearings, pumps, pipes, and HVAC systems.

There are several hands-on simulations and exercises built into the course. While owning an infrared camera is not required for attendance, participants are encouraged to bring their cameras to class. Completion of this course prepares students to successfully apply infrared technology to residential energy audits.

Level I – Infrared for Building Applications is designed to meet the proposed BPI and RESNET standards for infrared.

This class also satisfies the Level I infrared educational requirements established by the American Society of Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT) and in Canada is designed to meet the new National Master Specifications (NMS) Section 02 27 13, Thermographic Assessment; Building Envelope.

Overview of course topics and applications:

Infrared camera basics
Hands-on practice
Heat transfer theory
Radiometric theory
Moisture thermodynamics
Principles of building inspections
Conduction inspections
Air leakage inspections
Blower Doors
Building moisture inspections
Roof moisture inspections
Facility electrical and mechanical systems
Building standards
Report and Analysis software

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