SMTA – PCB Design, Fabrication and Use from an End Users Perspective

August 20, 2018 @ 6:30 am – 8:00 am

By Charles Cawthorne and Ian Fox

$25 members / $95 non-members

Printed Circuit Bare Boards form the fundamental and crucial basis for most Circuit Card Assemblies. However, with the advanced electronics components that are available today, PCBs have to be complex to provide the interconnect for these component types. Given this background, what is the best approach to acquire PCBs that will work and will provide long term reliability?

This webinar, which follows on from the “Guide to Printed Circuit Board Manufacture” from March 2017, gives a more advanced insight into the Design, Test, Qualification, Inspection and Handling of PCBs from a purely high reliability end users perspective. The webinar is aimed at design/manufacturing/process engineers, technicians and trainers.

Topics include:

  • Definition of PCB Materials
  • Surface Mount Design Rules
  • PTH Design
  • Micro-via Design
  • Via Planarisation and Via Protection
  • Controlled Impedance
  • Surface Finishes
  • PCB Test
  • PCB Qualification
  • Incoming Inspection and Quality Standards
  • Handling of PCBs from a Drying Perspective