SMTA – Fan Out Packaging- Technology Overview and Evolution

July 18, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am

By John Hunt

$200 for members / $295 non-members

Presented in Two (2) 90 minute Sessions / July 17 and 18

Mobile electronics has driven the need for ever increasing density and performance in electronics packaging. This has only accelerated with the advent of advanced smart phones and the burgeoning Internet of Things. This evolution has led to a need for higher levels of component density and functionality than has been traditionally available using standard packaging, resulting in a wide variety of new packaging options.

We will review how the integration of wafer level processing technologies, substrate evolution and Flip Chip packaging structures have come together into what is being called Fan Out Packaging. These packages are for both low density mobile and high density server applications. They have higher levels of integration and sophistication than has ever been possible in the past. These options include Wafer Level Fan Out, Panel Level Fan Out, and Chip Last Fan Out packaging. All of these can combine low cost materials and varied process flows to create both simple devices, and more complex System in Package and Package on Package applications. This course will provide an overview of the drivers, technology, advantages and disadvantages of various structural options, as well as a view of potential future trends for Fan Out Packaging.