SMTA – ESD Electrostatic Discharge Guide for Everyone

November 26, 2018 @ 6:30 am – 8:00 am

By Jeremy Smallwood & Charles Cawthorne

$25 members / $95 non-members

When handling most of today’s electronic components, printed circuit assemblies (PCAs) or equipment that contains electronics, special consideration must be given to the potential damaging consequences resulting from static electricity. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can result in PCAs or higher level equipment failing test in the factory, or worse still, it can result in latent defects that can cause subsequent failure in the field. So what is electrostatic discharge and how is electrostatic discharge damage prevented?

This webinar provides an elementary guide to the principles of ESD control, looking at the basic theory behind the subject and the practical methods that can be adopted used to enable components, PCAs and equipment to be handled without the risk of incurring electrostatic related damage. The webinar is aimed at personnel who are new to the industry, including design and process / manufacturing engineers, technicians, trainers and also at those who support manufacturing indirectly (i.e. purchasing, account managers, sales staff, etc.)

Topics include:

  • What is ESD and why is it important
  • How static charges are generated
  • How static charges can be transferred to electronic components
  • Illustration of the damage that can be sustained by electronic components following electrostatic discharge
  • What is an Electrostatic discharge Protected Area (EPA)
  • How to set up an EPA within a factory
  • What practical controls are required to prevent electrostatic damage
  • How to store / transport electrostatic sensitive components / PCAs
  • How to handle electrostatic sensitive equipment out in the field