RIAC Weibull Analysis 3-Day Course

December 7, 2010 – December 9, 2010 all-day

Weibull Analysis 3-Day Course


Course Description

The 3-day course gives a complete overview of Weibull analysis, starting with the basics of performing a Weibull analysis and interpretation of the results. The course progresses through more complex applications of Weibull as well as other distributions. Weibull software applications are utilized to give students hands-on examples of performing analyses and interpreting the results. Class problems round out the in-depth presentation.
Who Should Take the Course

Engineers responsible for reliability, safety, supportability, maintainability, materials, warranty, life cycle cost, design, structures, instrumentation, and logistics will find these Weibull techniques extremely useful.
What the Student Will Learn

The 3-day course will familiarize students with the essential methods and techniques, and how to use Weibull analysis software to apply these methods to their specific problems. Students will be presented with applications for risk forecasting with renewal and optimal component replacement, illustrated with case studies. Upon completion of the course, students are fully qualified to conduct Weibull Analyses.
Included Materials

Each attendee will receive the entire SuperSMITHTM package, a $960 value, included are:
a copy of The New Weibull Handbook, 5th edition
WinSMITHTM Weibull software
WinSMITHTM Visual software
YBATH software
the computer tutorial
classwork and answers
Required Materials

Each attendee is required to bring a battery powered laptop computer for use during the presentation.

Students may bring their own data for analysis.

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