ReliaSoft – D560 Training Seminar – Design for Reliability (DFR) Program Planning and Implementation

March 8, 2016 – March 10, 2016 all-day

D560 – Design for Reliability (DFR) Program Planning and Implementation
Duration: 3 days | CEUs: 2.1 | CRP Credits: 5
Course Prerequisites:
– G400
Assumes Basic Knowledge Of:
– Undergraduate Algebra
– Elementary Calculus
– Probability and Statistics

D560 provides a Design for Reliability (DFR) planning framework that can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs. It teaches how to apply each step in the DFR process through hands-on application of tools related to the product development. Students are also exposed to how DFR is applied by the different organization functional team members throughout the product development process.

D560 presents concepts and software that you could use to help your organization:
– Gain an understanding of the methods, terms and metrics used in reliability, when to apply particular tools during the product development life cycle and the associated benefits and drawbacks of each.
– Implement a holistic DFR process in product/system design environments and leverage the benefits of this process, namely the Faster, Better, Cheaper values that drive the Reliability 3.0 process.
– Build an effective reliability culture within the organization and help to determine what needs to be added or improved in your DFR initiatives.
– Evaluate your strengths in each methodology, which will serve as a guide for any additional skills you may need to acquire or augment.

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