Reliability Solutions, Essential Craft Skills 1: Precision Maintenance, Assembly & Installation

October 16, 2017 – October 20, 2017 all-day

Reliability Solutions, Essential Craft Skills 1: Precision Maintenance, Assembly & Installation

Machinery Assembly and Installation … Although all craft technicians have a set of basic skills, all too often we have found that they have forgotten, never used, or were not taught correct “precision” principles and techniques. In the assembly, installation, repair and day to day care of facility assets we have not always understood or applied correct reliability principles. Maintenance has typically been viewed from a “remove and replace” or “get it going” perspective and rarely includes; long term, lowest cost, highest manufacturing, and reliability/profitability perspectives. This seminar is a set of essential reminders and refreshers with new information that is meant for immediate field use.

We start by introducing attendees to the various maintenance philosophies and where each is correct. Next, is an understanding of how technicians can use overall and bearing specific vibration instrumentation to discover and prove machinery improvements. Attention is paid to coupling assemblies and their purpose, rolling element bearing types and their applications, belt drives, and precise alignment principles. Torque requirements and procedures, common assembly errors and the difference between reliability and runability are also discussed. A special section on measuring tools, lubrication techniques and doing the job right the first time are introduced. Technicians use hands-on, live and dynamic demonstrators with exercises to reinforce correct principles and practice new techniques. Attendees will find the seminar informative, loaded with practical tips, and finish with a renewed sense of readiness and a fresh approach to maintenance activities. This crucial foundation course assists technicians to develop correct assessment, measurement, troubleshooting and precise reliability improvement habits. This initial module develops techniques and corrections for “facility common” errors that may constitute as much as 70% of facility failures.

The seminar is aimed towards participants with a mechanical craft background but production operators and engineers will find the seminar valuable and first line supervision is encouraged to attend to demonstrate advocacy and understanding for renewed essentials. The seminar is five days in duration. (Alignment techniques are demonstrated using the “Reverse Dial” alignment method to enhance session visual impact; all principles can and should be applied to laser technology alignments as well.)

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