Precision Maintenance Skills 1 Course

January 15, 2018 – January 19, 2018 all-day
OH 44124

An intense, five day hands-on class where craftsmen, planners, supervisors, superintendents, engineers, and maintenance/operating managers learn and practice precision assembly, rebuild, and install techniques. The participants measure their progress by running simulators and seeing the results. Participants discover new skill-sets by the results achieved after correcting each error in a very defined process.

The effects of applying precision techniques to rotating equipment has proven to greatly extend mean time between failure and rebuild events of equipment and components by reducing vibration, temperature, amp draw or energy usage.

Subjects covered:
» How to avoid the common assembly errors
» Precision measuring & why it is more critical today
» Critical bearing fits & tolerances routinely overlooked
» Common bearing & seal failures and how to easily avoid
» Achieving precision alignment without adding extra downtime
» Aligning accounting for thermal growth that most skip
» How to identify and correct forsoft-foot
» Common lube mistakes made everyday & how to fix
» How vibration is induced everyday by maintenance

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