Pemac – Creating an Asset Management Roadmap Using Process Improvement Methodology

January 22, 2018 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Asset Management Roadmaps aren’t always perfect. Often they are a work in progress. In this webcast participants will see the journey that EPCOR Water Services Inc. (EWSI) undertook when developing its Asset Management Roadmap/Framework, and learn that even with challenges along the way, the organization overall ended up with a greater understanding and acceptance of asset management.

EWSI’s initial framework, developed in 2011, was closely aligned with BSI PAS 55 and later revised to reflect ISO 55000 standards. Participants will learn more about the organization’s first attempt at a typical management system development process that took place over the next 24 month period, and see how this initial approach was unsuccessful.

With lessons learned, the organization revised its approach in 2013, looking at asset management related gaps with EWSI operations and used process improvement methodology to develop procedures and tools to resolve those gaps. One of the major gaps identified was lack of asset management plans. The next year, a pilot project focusing on the 10-Steps of asset management (SIMPLE) was completed.

Participants will see how this pilot project demonstrated the start-to-finish development of an asset management plan, and the development and field testing of several standards, procedures and tools that would become part of EWSI’s asset management framework. This approach demonstrated the value of asset management, resulting in greater understanding and acceptance of asset management throughout EWSI.