International Mixed Signals Testing Workshop (IMSTW)

July 3, 2017 – July 5, 2017 all-day

On-line testing and more generally design for robustness, are important in modern electronic systems. These needs increased dramatically with the introduction of nanometer technologies, which impact adversely noise margins; process, voltage and temperature variations; aging and wear-out; soft error and EMI sensitivity; and power density; and make mandatory the use of design for robustness techniques for extending, yield, reliability, and lifetime of modern SoCs. Design for reliability is also mandatory for reducing power dissipation, as reducing voltage for reducing power strongly affects reliability by reducing noise margins and thus the sensitivity to soft-errors and EMI, and by increasing circuit delays which increase sensitivity to timing faults. Design for Security is also strongly related with Design for Reliability, as security attacks are often fault-based. IOLTS is an established forum for presenting novel ideas and experimental data on these areas.

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