Hobbs HALT & HASS Workshop

September 10, 2013 – September 11, 2013 all-day

HALT & HASS + Workshop by Kirk Gray, BSEE
September 10-11, 2013 – CSZ, Cincinnati, OH

In this course, you learn the science behind the HALT & HASS techniques and why the failures accelerated through higher stress levels are essential to developing reliable products. The course offers:

· Step-by-step instruction on why, how and when to perform HALT (environmental and other stress stimulation methods applied in the design phase).
· How to correctly set-up and tune HASS profiles on production units and how to prove that the HASS profiles leave enough life left so the products can be confidently sold to customers.
· Learn how to vastly improve design margins and eliminate process problems using the highly accelerated techniques.

In the Workshop, participants use the HALT chamber manufactured by CSZ.

Upon completion, participants should be able to use these techniques without any additional assistance. Many of the subtle details required for successful use of the techniques are presented in this seminar.

See our website for more details: www.hobbsengr.com.

SPECIAL PRICING: As a courtesy to our customers, Cincinnati Sub-Zero is offering to pay 25% of the seminar price so instead of $1,195, you only pay $895. All seminars include meals and training materials. Attendees also receive a complimentary book titled, “HALT & HASS, Accelerated Reliability Engineering” by Dr. Gregg K. Hobbs, the inventor of the methods.

Register to attend today! Call us at 303-655-3051 or e-mail us at learn@hobbsengr.com

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