Essential Leadership Principles

July 17, 2017 – July 21, 2017 all-day

In these days of increased pressure to provide improved and sustainable profit margins with fewer people and less capital, it has become ever more important that we improve the reliability of process, asset, engineering, design, purchasing, warehousing and all others. Reliability within manufacturing therefore becomes paramount to asset availability and on time consistent quality product delivery.

This session is an opportunity to accelerate “reliability” work. We begin each subject with a look at what the “best–in-class” performers do today, how they view and cause work to move forward, measurement tactics that provide a “scorecard” review of success and just how “skill set” work is incorporated at the floor. Each chapter provides reliability “observation” notes to assist in the determination of current activities and on the floor culture. Paramount to this work is the development, implementation, and sustainability of correct principles with on the floor work application. While all are involved in this work, leadership requires a global view to begin improvements in the right directions and levels. Site leaders will find this class loaded with field applicable practical tips, vital information to begin documentation and reassess sustainability within Reliable Manufacturing®.

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