EOS/ESD Association, Inc. Tutorials

April 24, 2018 – April 25, 2018 all-day


FC100: ESD Basics for the Program Manager

This tutorial provides the foundation material for understanding electrostatics and ESD andtheir role in the manufacturing and handling of ESD sensitive devices. The fundamentalproperties of charge, electric elds, voltage, capacitance, and current are discussed with aview towards understanding key electrostatic phenomena and electrical processes. Theseinclude charge generation and decay, material properties, and induction. An overview ofdevice failure mechanisms is presented, including how these models impact ESD controlprograms. Finally, the course provides an overview of ESD control procedures during han-dling and manufacturing and an overview of ANSI/ESD S20.20 program requirements. Thisfull day course is required for those in-plant auditors and program managers who are work-ing toward professional ESD certi cation. The presentation includes many in-class demon-strations, videos, and animated slides.

FC101: How To’s of In-Plant ESD Auditing and EvaluationMeasurements

This program reviews the evaluation and periodic veri cation (audit) measurementprocedures for the technical requirements speci ed in the ANSI/ESD S20.20 ESDprogram development standard. Detailed explanation of instruments, xtures, andaccessories function and usage are provided. Then, the details of “How to” mea-sure are explained and demonstrated. Measurements include those listed in Table

1: Grounding/Equipotential Bonding Requirements; Table 2: Personnel GroundingRequirements; and Table 3: EPA/ESD Control Items. These recommended measure-ment procedures con rm the proper operation and use of ESD control products andmaterials selected as part of a facility’s S20.20 ESD control program. 

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