Condition-based Maintenance Techniques 2 Day Awareness Course

August 15, 2017 – August 16, 2017 all-day

Condition Monitoring technologies are developing at a rapid rate and a massive range of solutions are available. There are plenty of experts and vendors who know a lot about particular techniques; however, there seem to be too few people who have a good general overview of the range of techniques and technology available.
Some users end up buying solutions that do not give business benefits. Perhaps this is because the benefits were not fully considered (sometimes purchases are driven by people who are keen on the technology but do not address the business case), sometimes the solutions do not provide a technically feasible solution. In other cases the alternatives were not considered.
Buyers need to be in control. They need to consider all options and alternatives. They need to make sure the solutions selected are technically feasible, but also that they are worth doing, in other words that they they add value to the business. They need to know the sorts of questions to ask the experts.
This course is not designed to make people experts in any technique, but to give an overview of the options available and allow them to engage constructively with vendors and suppliers to find the best solutions for themselves.

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