AS – Understanding Uncertainty of Measurement

December 6, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am

By Dr Jody E Muelaner


Join this session with expert speaker Dr. Jody E. Muelaner who will help you understand the true meaning of quality, accuracy and uncertainty. You will gain a sound understanding with which you can assess the validity of inspection processes and process capability studies, or gain a foundation for learning the mathematics of uncertainty.

Jody will begin by introducing the fundamental concept of uncertainty of measurement. This will give you a firm foundation for reviewing quality in manufacturing. You will also explore the history of measurement which will further deepen your understanding of the underlying principles. Through this introduction, you will gain a firm grasp of key concepts such as calibration, true values, errors, uncertainty and traceability. Building on this foundation, Jody will then help you explore more advanced concepts such as the differences between random and systematic effects, repeatability and reproducibility and the different approaches to evaluating uncertainty such as the bottom up GUM approach and the top down MSA approach.

This session will discuss a number of aspects related to measurement uncertainty, such as:

How uncertainty is important for quality
How measurement has developed over time
Determining the validity of statements about the quality of products
Determining the validity of statements about the accuracy of measurements and calibration of instruments
Key concepts of calibration, true values and errors
The fundamentals required to access and plan inspection processes and process capability studies
Uncertainty and traceability
Random and systematic effects
Repeatability and reproducibility