AS – Understanding the Range of Risk Management Options: Virtual Boot Camp

July 31, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

By Duke Okes


Incorporate Risk-Based Thinking in Day-to-Day Operations and Increase Your Chances of Success

Risk management has been a strong component of the design and/or operating structure for some organizations (and even industries) for several decades. Others have only recently discovered the value of proactively dealing with potential impacts on performance. And now that risk-based thinking (RBT) is included in international management system standards for quality, environmental, safety, IT, and others, it has become a necessary consideration for everyone in an organization. What about you? Are you proactively planning for potential failures – or are you just waiting till the failure occurs?

Join this information-packed 3-module Virtual Boot Camp by process management expert Duke Okes, and learn how to make decisions that will positively impact your organization’s performance – and be seen as someone adding strategic value to your organization.

Okes will show you how to identify, evaluate and respond to risks – as well as monitor and report on how well the responses work. He will get you up to speed with common standards/guidelines (e.g., ISO 31000/14971/27001, COSO, Q-9, NIST), the common methods and tools for risk assessment, explain how levels of risk can change over time, and more.

After attending the Virtual Boot Camp, you will understand the sources and parameters of risk – and be able to size and embed the core steps into the organizational performance management process of your manufacturing business, regardless of industry.

Session Highlights

This session will cover:

  • Common risk management standards/guidelines (e.g., ISO 31000/14971/27001, COSO, Q-9, NIST)
  • Key principles for effective implementation of risk management
  • Common methods and tools for risk assessment
  • Different ways levels of risk change over time
  • Sources and parameters of risk
  • Examples of risk management applied to strategy and operational processes
  • How to size it for your organization
  • How to embed it into the organizational performance management process