American Reliability Tour 2017 THE ART OF PRECISION MAINTENANCE: Vibration, Balancing, Alignment

October 26, 2017 all-day

VibrAlign is proud to announce our American Reliability Tour 2017, free half day workshops in 28 cities all across the USA.

Our nation is facing an impending challenge in machinery maintenance, caused by an aging workforce and machinery, inexperienced personnel, and an increased focus on doing more with less. We want to help!

You’ll learn:
How to identify and correct persistent machinery problems.
Methods to increase the life of machinery.
Utilizing both existing and new technologies to increase equipment reliability.
Ways to re-focus your maintenance assets more productively.

These workshops will be conducted by Tom Shelton, Stan Riddle, and David Zdrojewski, members of the VibrAlign Training Team who share more than 100 years of maintenance experience.

The Tour events will also address the issues and questions you provide during registration and at the seminar. This informational seminar (no sales pitch) is customized for [ you ]. Tour events run 1/2 day in the morning, check location info for start times. Light snacks and beverages will be provided. Door prizes will be awarded.

Register today, this event is [ FREE ] and seating is limited.

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