Accendo – Basic Steps to Building Your Reliability Plan

December 13, 2016 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am

Creating a plan is necessary both for budgeting and buy in. The added focus on reliability will help your team achieve it’s reliability goals. Plus, a good plan helps build your credibility and program. Let’s explore how to build a reliability plan.

First, no two reliability plans are the same. They may have similar elements, yet the path to achieving your goals will differ. Let’s talk about how you craft the right plan for your situation.

Second, every project has different available information and constraints. You may have or not have samples for testing, new technology, controlled customer use conditions, not to mention resources. Building a plan is part what you need to do to understand your product, part uncovering risks, and part fitting within the constraints.

While it’s not possible to execute a plan with no budget or resources, you can go a long way with limited resources.

Let’s talk about the basic elements and critical questions you need to address as you build your reliability plan. Bring your questions, constraints, and ideas, as we explore fitting the right mix of tasks to each unique situation.