Accendo – A Review of the 2018 ASQ CRE Body of Knowledge

October 10, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am

Fred Schenkelberg

The new CRE body of knowledge goes into effect January 2018. With the additions, deletions and changes to topics, it attempts to reflect what reliability engineering do on a daily basis. Let’s take a close look at the new 2018 BOK and what it means.

With 13 topics partially or fully removed (like tolerance analysis and derating), in part the new BOK suggestion smaller role in the design for reliability process. Some topics are good to see diminished, especially the topics that reinforce the use of MTBF.

On the other hand, the additional topics, such as leadership responsibility, are long overdue. While other additions, such as the quality triangle, make me wonder what inspired that vague topic. The new emphasis on risk management is in line with sweeping change in ISO standards, so it was expected.

Let’s talk about the changes, including:

what it means for those preparing for the exam,

What the emphasis on risk management mean for our day to day work, and

what it suggestions about the discipline of reliability engineering in today’s world.

As always, an engaging and interactive discussion.