This is a listing of the publicly offered reliability related courses, conferences, and seminars that we can find.

You can use the controls at the top of the calendar to view the calendar in a number of different ways. Clicking on a calendar entry will provide a window with more information. We try to include a website and contact information with each entry.

Since this is a public Google calendar, you can add this to your own (free) Google Calendar by clicking on the plus sign Google Calendar button in the lower right corner. This will give you more control and search capabilities. Plus, you can then sync the calendar with you own Outlook, iCal or other calendar program. It’s also possible to sync or view with mobile devices.

The intent here is to provide a single location that provides you with many options for professional development and networking. Questions, comments, suggestions? Email Fred

Using the Reliability Calendar

There a number of ways to use the calendar. Simply browsing and review the range of offerings may provide plenty of options for your educational needs.

To find something in your local area or a specific topic, you can click on the “Google Seach” button below the menu.

Entries in the calendar have a title, which should include a short code of the hosting organization (see Sources for complete list). The entry should also include a location city and country, and may include the hotel name. Also, included is the dates/times and description. We pull all this information from the website advertising the event. And, we include the link or phone number or email as a means to get more information and register, if needed.

If our listing doesn’t have enough information, please explore additional information with the hosting organization. And, as you know schedules change – and, while we attempt to keep the calendar up to date, I’m certain we have missed a few changes or details.

Connecting to the Reliability Calendar

You have a number of options for viewing this calendar.

First you can use the controls at the top of the calendar on the this site. You can select just webinars, for example. You can change the view and move about the calendar, also.

Clicking on an entry will open up a window or popup that has more information about the entry. Of course you should bookmark the site as events are updated almost daily.

Second you can view the Google hosted view of the reliability calendar and click the “+Google Calendar” button on the lower right corner  which will either add this public calendar to your page or it will prompt you to sign into your Google account – or you can create an account (it’s free and pretty easy to do).

The benefit of having a Google account and viewing the calendar on the Google Calendar page, is the ability to conduct an advanced search. Plus, you will be able to sync the calendar to your calendar. Plus, you will be able to view the calendar on your mobile device. It provides a lot of options.

And, finally, here are some direct links. (I’m not sure how or with which apps the XML and ICAL links work, so, you’ll have to know more than I to make them work.)

Google Account holders

If you already have a Google account, open the Google Calendar page and enter the Calendar ID into the Other calendars window.

Calendar ID: 7jsv3gt9ebc49nv506ddl0qu3o@group.calendar.google.com

From your favorite browser


For applications using the iCal format

Please use the following address to access your calendar from other applications. You can copy and past this into any calendar product that supports the iCal format.


For applications using the XML format

Please use the following address to access your calendar from other applications. You can copy and past this into any feedreader.


For help, visit the Google Calendar help page

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