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ICPEICES 2018 2nd IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Intelligent Control and Energy Systems
Oct 22 – Oct 24 all-day

SMRP Conference
Oct 22 – Oct 25 all-day

The SMRP 26th Annual Conference will take place October 22-25, 2018, at the Rosen Centre hotel in Orlando, Florida. More than 1,000 maintenance, reliability and physical asset management professionals will gather for education, certification and networking.

CALCE Fall 2018 EPS Consortium Meeting
Oct 23 – Oct 24 all-day

CALCE Fall 2018 Technical Review
Oct 23 – Oct 24 all-day

The Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering will present findings from research projects being conducted for the 2018 research year. The meeting is open to all CALCE members. The meeting will be held on the campus of the University of Maryland in the Charles Carrol room of the Adele Stamp Student Union.

International Wafer-Level Packaging Conference and Tabletop Exhibition
Oct 23 – Oct 25 all-day

IWLPC brings together some of the semiconductor industry’s most respected authorities addressing all aspects of wafer-level, 3D, TSV, and MEMS device packaging and manufacturing.

IRISS – Level I Principles of Ultrasound
Oct 23 – Oct 26 all-day

Ultrasonic detection equipment has become a trusted source for trending and troubleshooting over the last few decades. The ability now to run the sound waves through a sound analysis software has opened a new realm of things for the inspectors. No longer is Ultrasound simple a Go No Go test it can be used for determining Stray Voltage in a motor, Inner & Outer Race faults, Cage Faults, Ball Pass Faults, Corona, Track, Arcing, Loose connection, Delamination of Windings in a Transformer. These issues can be determined by simply look at the images of the sound wave. Each one will have a distinct image that shows the Harmonic Marks that tell us the Fault Frequency of those Harmonics. In addition, the use of a Time Series will show the harmonics and the Amplitude of the Sinusoidal Wave. The Students will walk away with a much greater understanding of the Theory of Ultrasound and the use of their Ultrasound Inspection Equipment.

LCE – Reliability Engineering Excellence
Oct 23 – Oct 25 all-day

The Reliability Engineering Certification prepares reliability professionals to achieve maximum results in this strategic business role.

This university-backed program is designed for people who are responsible for improving asset and capacity reliability and creating a culture of continuous improvement. This program equips participants to:

Build and sustain a strategic reliability engineering program
Prepare control strategies that reduce risk and improve asset utilization
Determine predictive strategies and build an effective predictive maintenance program
Establish a root cause analysis program that will lead to reduced downtime, increased production and a culture of continuous improvement
Demonstrate practical learning application
Use the REC title designation after your name

IEEE EPS SCV Soft Error Rate (SER) Workshop
Oct 24 all-day

10th Annual IEEE EPS SCV Soft Error Rate (SER) Workshop

Our annual IEEE Soft Error Rate Workshop will enter its 10th year! With our focus on alpha-induced soft errors and unique offering of simultaneous on-site and remote participation, we have provided opportunities for presentation and interactive discussion on a variety of critical subjects on SER for an ever-increasing international audience.
For this year’s event, we will continue with the format used in the previous two years, with invitied industry experts in the field to offer technical presentations and tutorials on fundamentals of soft errors and their impact on applications.

Confirmed Talks:
Tutorial: “Single Event Effects”, Eric Crabill, Xilinx
“Multi Bit Upset Mitigation Using the Fall-Off Curve”, Paul Muller, IBM
“Proton Single-Event Upset Characterization of Memory Interface Design on Xilinx XCKU040 FPGA”, Pierre Maillard, Xilinx
“Soft Errors: From Technology Trends to System Level Performance”, Balaji Narasimhan, Broadcom
The Ultra-low Background Radioassay Racilities at the Boulby Underground Laboratory”, Dr. Chamkaur Ghag, University College London
“The Crocker Nuclear Laboratory and Cyclotron”, Eric Prebys, UC Davis
“64 MeV Proton Single-Event Evaluation of Xilinx 20nm DDR4-IO Design”, Paula Chen, Xilinx
“Logic Upsets in DDR4 SDRAM using 480 MeV Proton”, Sang Hoon Jeon, HanYang University
“Making the Grade: From COTS to Space-grade Electronics”, Robert Baumann, Radiosity Solutions
“The Alpha Foil SEU Test Methodology: Clarifying Inherent Problems and Identifying Possible Alternatives”, Gary Swift, Swift Radiation Services
“(Title to be determined)”, Brendan McNally, XIA
“Physics-Inspired Spreadsheet Models for Latch and SRAM SER Screening”, Phil Oldiges, IBM
“Soft Error Rate Measurements in Solid State Drives”, Vinod Ambrose, Intel
… plus another 2 in final stages of acceptance.

RCM Principles and Applications
Oct 24 – Oct 26 all-day

M480A provides an overview of the fundamental Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) techniques and procedures, with an emphasis on the use of ReliaSoft’s RCM++ software for data capture, analysis and reporting. Topics include equipment selection, identifying potential functional failures, evaluating the effects of failure and selecting appropriate maintenance tasks.

SRE Ottawa Chapter – Reliability and Maintainability aspects of Small Nuclear Reactors (SMRs)
Oct 24 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm